To maintain order and safety, and to guarantee continued existence of the campsite, house rules apply at campsite Molenzicht. 

1. This is a rural campsite located between the flower bulb fields. This means that, 
     even early in the morning, agricultural activities can take place next to the campsite. 
2. Upon your first arrival, the RV spot may be used from 2:00 pm. 
3. On the day of departure, you must leave the campsite before 1:00 pm.
4. The RV spot should be clean on the day you leave. Household waste can be deposited in the appropriate waste bin in tied bags. 
5. Camping is at your own risk. We do not consider ourselves liable for theft, damage or accidents. It goes without saying that if you cause damage, you must also compensate it .
6. Be considerate of your fellow campers so everyone can have a pleasant stay.
7. (Noise) nuisance to fellow campers must be avoided during your entire stay.
8. Causing nuisance, for example as a result of excessive drinking and/or the use of narcotics, 
     may result in your removal from the campsite.
9. Between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am, speaking must be subdued.
Neighbours and the flower fields
10. Please treat the area surrounding the campsite with respect. It is forbidden to enter the flower fields and/ or the grounds of neighbours.
11. Do not cause nuisance to our neighbours. 
12. Use of the toilet waste water discharge point is only allowed if you use camping toilet paper. 
13. Only dispose your toilet and waste water tankt at the designated places. 
14. Please clean the BBQ after using it. Deposit waste in the designated waste bin. 
Camping equipment/ camper place
15. Upon your arrival you are free to select a RV spot. Only place your camper on a spot with electricity if you have booked a spot with electricity. If you leave the campsite during your stay, make sure to cordon it off using the supplied white and red chain
16. The RV spots are only suitable for self-sufficient campers and caravans, which have their own waste water tank. Camping with a caravan that uses a waste water hose is not possible. 
17. If you come with a caravan, you must park your car on your RV spot.
18. Pets are welcome, but must not be a nuisance to fellow campers. Dogs must be on a leash at all times and faeces must be cleaned up. Bags for that purpose are available at the campsite. 

We wish you a pleasant stay!